Software Installation and Activation


OmicsBox is a desktop application and the installer can be downloaded here.


Once downloaded double click on the installer and follow the instructions. OmicsBox will be installed in C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\OmicsBox by default.

Install in unattended mode

.\OmicsBox_windows-x64_2_0_36.exe -q -dir "C:\OmicsBox" -console

The parameters are:

-q run in unattended mode

-dir "C:\OmicsBox" set the installation path. We recommend setting a common path where all users have read/write permissions. This will allow the tool to update itself if there is an update when started. An alternative is to install it on each user's home folder. If this parameter is not set, the installation is done in the default installation path mentioned above.

-console see the installation progress in the terminal. Installation is done when you see the "Finishing installation ..." message.


Extract the installer from the folder, double click on the .sh file and follow the instructions. OmicsBox will be installed in /home/[username]/OmicsBox by default.

From the terminal

sudo chmod +x


Once downloaded double click on the .dmg file and the installer will open (Figure 2).

Double click on the OmicsBox installation App.

If Apple cannot check the OmicsBox installer for malicious software a message will be displayed (Figure 3). If there is no Open button, try opening the OmicsBox installer App using right-click and open. You should see the same warning message, but this time there should be an option to open.

Click Open and follow the instructions to complete the installation. OmicsBox will be installed in /Applications/OmicsBox by default

Figure 1: Download OmicsBox Installer

Figure 2: MacOS OmicsBox Installer

Figure 3: Apple Message


The software asks for activation the first time it is opened.

If you only need to open OmicsBox files but won’t run any analyses, the software can be used in Limited Mode, without activation. The only available options will be related to loading and visualizing OmicsBox projects. This mode can be entered by clicking on the “Limited Mode” button in the Activation Window.

OmicsBox can be fully activated with a subscription key, which can be obtained from the BioBam website. A subscription can activate the different modules of the software that have been purchased. Additionally, it will give access to the cloud services like analyzing the data in the BioBam Cloud infrastructure, updates and support. More details about the advantages of a subscription can be found online on our website.

A free Trial of a subscription can be requested via the website as well.

The software requires access to the Internet for activation. If necessary, proxy settings can be adjusted directly from the activation dialog.

Figure 4: Activation dialog of OmicsBox: Full or Limited Mode

OmicsBox Login Dialog

Every user of OmicsBox can have an individual account, separate from the subscription activation.

When the user logs in to an OmicsBox installation, it gets associated in the subscription account as a user of the subscription. The associated users can then be reviewed and managed by the subscription owner. With this, we offer a more advanced subscription usage management for Cloud Units consumption and control on who can use the software. The subscription owner can limit the access to cloud units by user for the shared OmicsBox installation while seeing how the consumption evolves. By default, any user is automatically associated to the subscription. This can be modified from the BioBam Account website.

The login account and credentials (email and password) are the same as the ones used on the BioBam Account website. If you do not have a BioBam Account you can now create one from within OmicsBox using the “Sign up” option.

The Sign In dialog allows you to do the following:

  • Sign-Up: Create a new user with a new password. This option is possible if a user with the same email address does not exist. The password has to fulfil the indicated security requirements. The sign-up process has to be completed with a verification code sent via email. Make sure to check the classified and spam folders in your email account.

  • Sign-In: Authenticate with your login by providing your account email and password.

  • Password Recovery: This option allows to set a new password for an existing account, by confirming a verification code sent via email. Make sure to check the classified and spam folders in your email account.

  • Manage License Key: This option allows you to change your OmicsBox Subscription Licence Key without logging in.

Sign In

Reset Password (1)

Reset Password (2)

(Verify Code)

Sign Up (1)

Sign Up (2)

(Verify Code)

Network License

OmicsBox can also be activated with the license server. Various clients can share a pool of licenses on a license server in the local network. To activate a network license, click Network License on the bottom left in the activation dialog and provide the license server IP address and cloud key if you own one. The cloud key allows to use CloudBlast and CloudIPS, all the other cloud features are already available without a key.