Selection options

There are different functions for selecting and deselecting sequences. Most functions in OmicsBox are only applied to selected elements. Selections allow to create subset or apply certain functions to parts of a given dataset.

Select Sequence by Color

This function allows (de)selection of sequences on the basis of their color code i.e. the processing stage they have. 

Figure 1: Selection by Color

Select Sequences

The Select Sequences feature can be applied to OmicsBox Projects only and allows to select sequences for many different criteria. Selections can by added to existing ones, subtracted or created from scratch.

  • Sequence Name. This is a general function for (de)selecting sequences by loading a file containing a list sequence IDs.

  • Sequence Description. OmicsBox allows to (de)select sequences according to Blast result description.

  • Species.

  • Function (GO-Terms or GO-IDs). This is a general function for (de)selecting sequences by loading a file containing a list of GO-Terms or GO-IDs.

  • InterProScan IDs.

  • Enzyme IDs.

Figure 2: Start New Selection

Invert Selection

This function will invert the current selection. Those sequences that are not selected will now be selected and vice versa.

Delete Selected Sequences

This function will delete selected sequences from the Main Sequence Table

Other Select Options

Extract Selection to New Tab

One can extract a subset of the selected sequences to a new project.

Once one has the desired sequences selected it is possible to hide/filter out the deselected ones by clicking on the icon next to the selection check box on the table.

With Ctrl+A in Windows/Linux or appleKey+A on Mac OS, all selected sequences will be marked. Now right click on one of the sequences on the table and choose the 2nd option Extract Selection to New Tab.

A new project will be created of the selected sequences.

Figure 3: Show only selected sequences

Figure 4: Extract Selection to New Tab