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Memory/CPU Monitor

Shows the used and available memory for OmicsBox. In blue the CPU utilisation of the last minute can be seen. 

Application Messages

Shows general application message as well as summary information of specific job executions. 

Welcome Message

A window which provides information about application updates and new features.


This tab provides process information of any job execution in OmicsBox. Each job can be cancelled as well as a more detailed message tab can be opened.

File Manager

Cloud Usage

The Cloud Usage provides information about the number of consumed/ recharged Cloud Units or processed sequences and success jobs.

The Excel icon on the top right in Figure 1 allows exporting the table in csv format.

The Filter option allows to limit the table to a specific rage of dates.

The following features that run on the BioBam Bioinformatics Cloud Platform are:

  • Functional Analysis: CloudIPS (paid), CloudBlast (paid), GO Mapping, EggNOG, Annotation

  • Transcriptomics: Trinity*, BUSCO, TransDecoder, CD-HIT, STAR*, BWA*, RSEM*, EdgeR, maSigPro, NOISeq

  • Metagenomics: Kraken, MEGAHIT, meta-SPAdes, FragGeneScan, Prodigal, PfamScan, EggNOG Mapper

  • Genome Analysis: Flye,* ABySS*, SPAdes*, Pilon*, BWA*, RepeatMasker, Augustus, Glimmer

  • Apps: CPAT, PSORTb, MLST

  • These algorithms make use of free cloud computation resources. This is an introductory offer and may change in a future release depending on the overall resource consumption of these features.

Figure 1: Cloud Usage