Help Menu

At the Help Menu, you can find this Manual, OmicsBox papers and information of the authors. In case of a bug or a malfunction of OmicsBox you can save the log file and send it to or via the priority support.

  • App Manager: This option allows you to install/ uninstall Apps available on OmicsBox website .

  • Send Support Mail: Send an email to support with the log file already attached.

  • Save Log to File.

  • Startup Announcement

  • Feedback

  • User Manual: Opens a link with the user manual.

  • Download Example Data: This option allows to download example data for each module to your computer.

  • Account Information: Provides the information of the user account (available modules, subscription type, etc).

  • About OmicsBox: Provides information of OmicsBox, Java and the computer where OmicsBox is installed