Cloud Storage

Cloud Files

The “Cloud Files” view allows to navigate through the files stored in the cloud. This view can be opened from the menu View > Cloud Files.
Every user has an individual space in the cloud. The contextual menu allows to manage the files available in the cloud.
Drag&Drop can be used to copy a file or a folder either from the local computer or from the “Local Files” tab into the cloud.

Share Files

The “Share” option in the Cloud Files context menu allows to share private files with others using a link.
When a file is shared a link icon is displayed for that file in the “Shared” column.
Anyone with the shared file link can download the file using a web browser.
If a file is already shared, the “Copy Shared Link” menu option allows to copy the same link for the file.
The “Unshare” option can be used to make a file private again.
A link is not the same between shares if a file has been unshared. It is different.

Currently there are some limitations regarding the sharing functionality:

  • You can share files, not directories.

  • You can get a link to a file, but cannot share the file with another specific user only.

Review Costs

The storage costs can be seen in the “Cloud Usage” view. This view can be opened from the menu View > Cloud Usage.

This view shows:

  • Used Storage: The amount of storage that the user’s data occupies in the cloud.

  • Estimated Monthly Cost: The number of units that will be charged by the end of the month for the current amount of data stored. The first 5GB are free for each user every month. The data cost is measured daily.

For more details on pricing and cloud units consumption please visit the Cloud Computation page on our website.