Venn Diagram

Input Files

Venn Diagram tool allows you to select multiple ID List or ID value list in text or BOX/B2G format and draw the intersection of the elements of the lists.

This functionality can be found under General Tools → Venn Diagram. The wizard allows to select input files, you can mix the supported types (ID List or ID value list),  with different formats (Plain text or B2G or BOX). 

After selecting the files just press the Run button. A new tab will appear with the Venn diagram.

Figure 1: Dialog to add lists to generate the Venn Diagram

Sidebar Options

There are different options to customize Venn visualizations:

  • Proportional.  This check box allows you to change how the size of the circles is calculated, by setting this option to true will paint the size of the circles proportionally to the number of elements the list contains. When false all the circles will use the same size.

  • Grayscale. If true, all circles will be painted in different shades of grey. Set to false to use a normal color.

  • Font size. Use the plus or minus icon to increase or decrease the font size.

  • List control. There will be one for each list you load with the wizard. Each control customizes each list individually.

    • The Check box hides or shows the circle represented for this list.

    • The Color box allows changing the color of the circle.

    • The Text field updates the list name.

  • Table button. This will open a table where rows are the union of all lists. The column tag indicates in which lists this element appears. You can use this table to sort and filter the elements and extract the selected rows to a new filtered Venn Diagram.

For further information this blog post might be interesting

Figure 2: Venn Diagram of 3 lists (proportional mode)

Figure 3: Venn Diagram of 4 lists (non proportional mode) 

Figure 4: Configuration panel

Figure 5: Table with the list and the Tags

Figure 6: Extract Selected rows from the table