User Manual

OmicsBox - Bioinformatics Made Easy

OmicsBox is a leading bioinformatics platform for the analysis of genomics data. 

OmicsBox offers user-friendly data analysis which allow gaining biological insights fast and easy even for completely novel genomes.

OmicsBox is a desktop application for industry, academic and governmental research biologists.

OmicsBox provides a robust platform for the execution of complex and demanding bioinformatics pipelines from a normal desktop PC.

OmicsBox allows designing bioinformatics workflows, run state-of-the-art tools and to visualize results in a very easy and non-techie fashion. This reduces the learning curve significantly, allows to obtain results faster and in a more reliable and reproducible way.

OmicsBox has minimal setup requirements and provides automatic updates. Advanced functionality is instantly available requiring no high-performance computing facility, computational background or maintenance.  

OmicsBox Modules: At the moment the following modules are available: 

Figure 1: OmicsBox Splash Screen

About Us

  • BioBam’s solutions accelerate research in disciplines such as agricultural genomics, microbiology and environmental NGS studies; amongst others.

  • BioBam is internationally recognized as a leader in functional genomics, which is demonstrated by over 10.000 scientific research citations.

  • BioBam Bioinformatics develops and maintains software like OmicsBox, OmicsCloud and Blast2GO.

  • BioBam is a bioinformatics solution provider (software, cloud solutions, consulting and analysis services) with headquarters in Spain.

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