Software Activation


On startup and if not yet provided, OmicsBox asks for activation. It is possible to use OmicsBox in 2 different modes:

  • Limited mode. This mode allows to load and visualize projects in OmicsBox.

  • Full mode. To activate OmicsBox in Full mode, the corresponding subscription has to be obtained via the OmicsBox website. This mode provides access to all features of the purchased modules, Cloud services, updates and support. More details about all the advantages to be a Full user can be found online. A free Trial account can be requested via the OmicsBox website.

To activate OmicsBox the software requires access to the Internet. If necessary, proxy settings can be directly adjusted directly from the activation dialog.

Network License

OmicsBox can also be activated with the license server. Various clients can share a pool of licenses on a license server in the local network. To activate a network license, click Network License on the bottom left in the activation dialog and provide the license server IP address and cloud key if you own one. The cloud key allows to use CloudBlast and CloudIPS, all the other cloud features are already available without a key. 

Figure 1: Activation dialog of OmicsBox: Full or Limited Mode