KEGG Pathways

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OmicsBox offers the possibility to load the KEGG pathways using the enzyme codes.

Load KEGG Pathways

Once the app is installed it is possible to retrieve the KEGG maps from Functional Analysis > Pathway Analysis > Load Kegg Pathways or from the sequence context menu.

Figure 1: Load Pathway Maps from KEGG

Figure 2: KEGG maps visualization

For more information on how to install an App please have a look here.

Export Pathways

There are several export options:

  • Save Map - It will save the map image that is visible.
  • Save Maps - It will save all the maps that have been retrieved for that project.
  • Export Data - It is possible to export the sequences, the pathways and the enzyme codes in text format. This option is also available from File > Export > Export KEGG Data